Reaching college students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


One-on-one Discipleship

Spending time with the students and helping them grow in their spiritual life by teaching them the Word of God individually. We are encouraging them to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Group Bible Study

Through weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings we are establishing a firm Biblical foundation in the lives of the students.



By means of tracts distribution and one on one witnessing we are teaching the students to share their faith with their friends at the University.


The heartbeat of CAMPUS MINISTRY is the evangelization and discipleship of youth through establishing effective campus ministry in government and private universities and schools. Word of Life Campus Ministry is committed to present Biblical Christianity to college students in a manner that they can understand, in the context of the situations they face day by day.


To fulfill the great commission to go and make disciples. We believe it is through the Word of God that genuinely changes and takes place in one’s life. We help young people come to know the Savior through various means: One-on-One Evangelism and Discipleship, Tracts distribution and Free use of Student Center.

In our students’ center, we have an air-conditioned study area where students can do their group activities, individual assignments and join their online classes. We also serve free brewed coffee for our students who need that extra boost for mental alertness.

Provided with different equipment and card games, students can freely play. We have table tennis, billiards, chess, and a whole variety of different card games and puzzles. We also have sofas and pillows that students can use for their rest break.

With various influences, we desire each student to have a healthy friend circle that would pray for them and influences them to grow closer in their walk with the Lord. The Students’ Center is the perfect place to meet new friends from all courses and all year levels.

Our ministry’s heartbeat is the evangelization and discipleship of youth. Through one-on-one discipleship sessions and weekly Bible Clubs, students are able to deepen their understanding with the Bible, grow in their spiritual walk, and be equipped to share the Gospel with others.

Students' Center

We are blessed and privileged to have a Students’ Center located at Catalan Compound inside the University of the Philippines Los Baños where student can study, rest, play, meet new friends and know God more.